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Captain America 332

The “Cap quits!” issue is of course a Key Copper Age Comic, and we had a previous post showing Marvel’s teaser / promo poster for it. Classic Mike Zeck / Klaus Janson cover…Happy President’s . . . → Read More: Captain America 332

Spectacular Spider-Man 115

When you think of Copper Age key issues, you may think of stuff like Hulk 340 (the McFarlane Wolverine issue), or even New Mutants 98 (first appearance of Deadpool, which has emerged as a key issue over time.)

But then there are comics that — for the lack of a better term — . . . → Read More: Spectacular Spider-Man 115

Kraven’s Last Hunt House Ad, 1987

We’ll have a future blog on the six-part “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” but for now, hey, there’s the ’87 house ad for it! (It’s also one of our top Copper Age picks, in . . . → Read More: Kraven’s Last Hunt House Ad, 1987