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Killing Joke Rack Header, 1988

Here’s an interesting piece of display marketing, that I didn’t remember seeing back in ’88: a comic book rack “header” for the Killing Joke.

Looks like what you’d do is slide this behind a stack of copies, either in a spinner or straight comic rack, and then it also had left and right . . . → Read More: Killing Joke Rack Header, 1988

Batman Button Sets, 1989

Navigating through the deluge of Bat merchandise in 1989 (that capitalized on the movie and 50th anniversary), these button sets were among the nicer products.

Three button sets, four buttons in each set, representing different artistic eras of Batman comic history.

Button Set 1 (pictured right) is of course the early Bob . . . → Read More: Batman Button Sets, 1989

Animal Man Back Issue Listing, NEC Fall ’89

Scanned out of the same 1989 New England Comics catalog that had the Batman back issue “disclaimer,” here’s what Animal Man back issues were going for at . . . → Read More: Animal Man Back Issue Listing, NEC Fall ’89

Killing Joke first print…and second…and…

Okay, the above pretty well represents what I remember a Great Eastern dealer having on his wall at shows circa 1990: The Killing Joke first print, on display with all the subsequent printings that had been released, at that point in time. (Can’t remember if The Killing Joke was actually up to its sixth print at . . . → Read More: Killing Joke first print…and second…and…

Batmania T-Shirts, 1989

You may have some of these t-shirts, buried in the back of your closet.

For those of us who were collecting comics in 1989 — and if you’re on this blog, very good chance you were — you clearly remember the months of “Batmania” anticipation during the first half of that year, culminating . . . → Read More: Batmania T-Shirts, 1989

Killing Joke House Ad, 1988

Man, did this hype us up for what would easily be one of the Top 5 comics of the Copper Age! In looking at it now, wonder, 1) If this shot was ever considered to be used as the actual cover image?, and 2) Was that logo also in contention, for the trade dress?

. . . → Read More: Killing Joke House Ad, 1988

Batman 400

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that this Copper Age comic only became part of my collection recently, 23 years after it hit stands.

Batman 400 I think sometimes get overlooked; when collectors think of key Batman issues of the ’80s, they usually rattle off Dark Knight, The Killing Joke, Year One (Batman issues 404 – 407), and . . . → Read More: Batman 400