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Fusion Promo Poster, 1986

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WonderCon 1988 Review

Credit The Beat for making us aware of this promotional video, produced to encourage more publishers, dealers, etc., to exhibit at the . . . → Read More: WonderCon 1988 Review

Phaze Promotional Poster, 1988

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First issue of Eclipse's Airboy revival, from 1986.

Though I’ve always had an appreciation for it, it’s only been in recent years I’ve REALLY gotten into the aesthetics of ’40s aviator and retro-futuristic design. Among my favorites would (of course) be Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer and Bradley W. Schenck’s Retropolis.

Eclipse’s Airboy series is something I’ve . . . → Read More: Airboy

Captain EO Ad, 1987

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The Hobbit

Yep, years before anyone knew who Peter Jackson was, Eclipse Comics published a beautiful three issue (squarebound “prestige format”) adaptation in 1989, by Chuck Dixon and David Wenzel…

More info / resources:

David Wenzel’s official site is here, and we highly recommend it…

…and if you’re looking for back issues of the original series, definitely inquire at your local . . . → Read More: The Hobbit

Mr. Monster Promotional Poster, 1985

11″ x 21″ promotional poster originally distributed to comic book shops in 1984, featuring the issue 2 cover illustration by Dave Stevens.

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