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Run, don’t walk, to Amazon for The Rocketeer!

Okay, following-up on my sad tale about my Rocketeer: Complete Deluxe Edition getting lost-in-transit, I was just notified by Amazon that they’ve obtained additional copies of the book, and my replacement copy is on the way!

The original print run of this book sold right out, and copies have been fetching hundreds of . . . → Read More: Run, don’t walk, to Amazon for The Rocketeer!

I got Rocket Blocked!

Oy vay. Well, this is basically an update to our previous Rockeeter blog, where we eagerly anticipated the release of IDW Publishing’s complete collection of the classic Dave Stevens series — in standard and deluxe formats.

I had the deluxe edition on my radar since it was announced back in March ’09, and . . . → Read More: I got Rocket Blocked!


WinterWorld, originally published by Eclipse, has now been collected by IDW Publishing.

With a large portion of the United States currently in a deep freeze, apropos for a quick posting on Eclipse Publishing’s WinterWorld, from late ’87 / early ’88. (Just FYI, I had to Google the spelling of “apropos.”)

Written . . . → Read More: WinterWorld

The Rocketeer

The Complete Rocketeer will be released in early December, through IDW Publishing.

AWESOME. Awesome, awesome, f’in awesome.

When IDW first announced back in March The Complete Rocketeer by Dave Stevens, it instantly went on our wish list. Originally scheduled for an October release, it now hits in early December.

From . . . → Read More: The Rocketeer