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Overstreet’s Price Update 4, 1985

Mike Saenz' Shatter cover, for the 1985 Overstreet Price Update.

Okay, here we have some short excerpts from the market reports within Oversteet’s Price Update issue 4, from 1985. Shatter cover provided by Mike Saenz.

At this point (earlier on in its run) the OPU was only being published once a . . . → Read More: Overstreet’s Price Update 4, 1985


Shatter Special from 1985, released by First Comics before the regualr series.

If you’re lookin’ for the pixelated look, here it is. But don’t blame the way-ahead-of-the-curve Mike Saenz for the blockiness, as it was the best he could do (the best anyone could do), drawing comics digitally in 1985. Yep, it’s . . . → Read More: Shatter