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The Incal Promo Poster, 1988

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Dark Horse Abyss House Ad, 1989

Actually, posting the theatrical trailer as well; which I find somewhat of an odd trailer, as it starts with a behind-the-scenes of the movie. But hey, many consider The Abyss to be Cameron’s underrated masterpiece, and of course it set the digital effects groundwork for Terminator 2.

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Moebius House Ad, 1987

Simply beautiful. We’ve had a previous blog on the Epic Moebius line (right here), so here’s the original house ad in anticipation of it…

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Moebius / Epic

Moebius 4: The Long Tomorrow

In the ’80s and early ’90s, Marvel’s Epic imprint produced some beautiful material. Case-in-point is Epic’s graphic novel imports (utilizing Marvel’s then standard graphic “album” size / dimensions) of French artist Jean Giraud aka Moebius‘ material.

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