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Phaze Promotional Poster, 1988

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First issue of Eclipse's Airboy revival, from 1986.

Though I’ve always had an appreciation for it, it’s only been in recent years I’ve REALLY gotten into the aesthetics of ’40s aviator and retro-futuristic design. Among my favorites would (of course) be Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer and Bradley W. Schenck’s Retropolis.

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Deadtime Stories House Ad, 1987

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Slash Maraud

Alright, I confess I currently own only one issue of this limited series from ’87 / ’88, but the other fives issues are on my (substantial) want list.

Slash Maraud 1

Immediately following their core character reboots (Batman, Superman, Justice League, etc.), DC started churning out all kinds of other stuff — good . . . → Read More: Slash Maraud