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Phil Zimelman

Punisher limited series issue 5. Cover pencils by Mike Zeck, which were then airbrushed over by Phil Zimelman.

When I started collecting comics hardcore in 1986 (meaning, monthly or bi-weekly visits to an actual comic shop), one of the first comics I snapped off the rack was Punisher issue 5 — that’d be the . . . → Read More: Phil Zimelman

Hey, it’s Wolver…I mean, it’s Grips!

Grips 1

Founded by Kris Silver in ’86, Silverwolf Comics‘ instant flagship title was the ultra-violent, ultra-bloody, ultra, ultra, ultra Grips.

A sort of fusion of Marvel’s prominent badass / vigilante characters (Punisher, Wolverine, Daredevil), Grips featured dynamic shots of slicin’ and dicin’ and body parts aflyin’. Highly detailed pen and ink artwork, . . . → Read More: Hey, it’s Wolver…I mean, it’s Grips!